Wholeness Arts Coaching™ Package

One on One: Live interactive coaching with Birdi Sinclair's signature methods, for Growth, Healing, Discovery, Planning. Bringing wholeness to living.

Course Summary

Personalized coaching in my signature coaching system of calling up wholeness in any area of your life you are ready to focus in and liberate into. Your life is art. We are not necessarily doing anything artistic in our time. We decide. We decide what will bring forward your voice in your truths. A commitment of several meetings is the best way we can stay focused and create plans for your goals.

Course Curriculum

Karen G.

Wholeness Arts Coaching™ Client

Birdi has a special insight. She can get to the core and reflect back so it is helpful and provocative. This has helped me become aware of myself in ways that is easier to make decisions I feel correct with and more in touch with myself than ever before. There are so many ways this has improved my life. She's a very different kind of person. 

Course Pricing

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    Wholeness Arts Coaching Package
  • $620 USD

    A single payment option. Personalized, live, online coaching with Birdi Sinclair and her signature Wholeness Arts system.

  • 4 sessions with me, to be used within 3 months - video or phone, you choose
  • Personalized focus, for your needs and goals
  • Customized plans and actions to match what we've identified
  • Actionable steps between sessions
  • Support and access to me in between our sessions through email
  • Measurable outcomes as we complete our cycle
  • Can repeat a cycle. Each group of 4 sessions is a quarter to mark progress.
  • Discounts on courses I offer during 3 month package cycle

Dr. Birdi Sinclair

"I know you are there and I am very happy." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

    Spiritual Director and Master Coach, End of Life Doula, Grief Specialist, Interfaith Minister, Ritual Designer, Artist, Author, Wonderer, Mystic, Love Maverick. And a bunch of other things. I'm a busy lady. My hands are often messy and the music is on. Please let yourself in and we'll have some tea. There is always time, and time for tea.
    No grain of sand is the same. Every grain carries a different story. Together they make the beach. What is your story? Together and separately, yesterday, tomorrow, right now, we make our world.   ~ Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair  That's me, and I'm here for you when you're sorting the very big things, or if you want company looking at colors in flowers, cloud counting in the rain, or sitting within the fire.  

    Ama la vita d'altro means Love the life of another.
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