Hi there!

         I'm Birdi Sinclair
  Speak with your soulful voice in times of change, 
      or loss, heal betrayal, and discover a life of joy.  

Together, let's embolden your spiritual, intuitive super self, and feel grounded, also lighter. 
Both can be true!

simplify the pivot point of life’s changes:
 discover, rest, heal. Connect with 
confidence and clarity
 in your next steps.

When you feel anxious, unsure, overwhelmed,
these are portal times with 
your Self, others, and the world. 
Happiness is knocking.
Let me show you...

Embrace the Invitation through
coaching, classes, groups, and more...

Meraki: A little soul, a little passion in everything we do. Mine, yours, life itself.  


In everything we do together, we will simplify and clarify your relationship with your Self, Others and the World.

We will:  
*learn new/strong communication with your self and others
*understand stress and anxiety as a powerful ally, without being overpowered!
*learn to regulate and companion strong responses
*heal grief, loss from life's many sorrows in empowered, peaceful, lasting ways
*feel grounded and connected with inner trust and sacred sources
*engage a lighter, impassioned, joyful life

You will feel the ripple in every aspect of your life as you embody micro-steps, know your soulful voice, and integrate your intention as action into the world. 

Begin Peace Now. Each now is new. We can begin again, and again.


Coaching Plans or
1:1 Sessions

Classes, Courses, Communities

Live Groups, Retreats,
Ritual Creation

Original Supportive Products & Art

There are many ways to approach a goal, all with joy, kindness, and ease, demystifying what seems so big. 
You know you best, how you learn, what environments you are ready for.

I offer an experienced process to guide your self-discovery, effectively. 
You'll feel a noticeable and lasting transformation after each time we meet and 
have clear strategies that match your truth. Trust you're ready for it.
Whether we meet once or through a series of meetings,
you're ready for a shift, and I am with you. We lean in. 
Unsure? Let me show you.
Birdi Sinclair - Peace Notes Newsletter - Begin Peace

Reconnect. Thrive. Ripple. This is a formula for inner and world happiness.

What is the Wind Telling You - Birdi Sinclair

Come as you are! Pfft, as if there's any other way... HA! See you inside! Ama la vita d'altro,

About Dr. Birdi Sinclair:
Master Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Teacher

She's a wizard. She is what she says and more - an artist, a writer, a caring counselor, she sees things like a mystic in ways that I have never heard someone make connections. It's like she sees into our souls and yet she's so relatable and even goofy. Where did she come from and why aren't there more of her


spiritual direction, online classes

Birdi has a way of explaining things so that I feel lighter, when things were feeling so dense before. She is grounded and light-hearted at the same time and also knows how to be quiet, giving me room to be who and what I need to be. I think and feel for myself, not her way, but she led me to my way. I have a new way of approaching my self, my situations.


Courses & Coaching

Be bold. Be curious. Be yourself. Be Connected. Be kind.
Be...Be your truth.

Please feel free to explore. Also, check out my new, growing socials.
My hope is to support you in as many ways possible.
Contact me with your ideas and questions.
There is often a sliding scale, a full or partial scholarship for anything I offer.
The Support Page will connect us. We can sort most anything.
Ripples, right? xo

Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair

Please know, I offer a sliding scale and a few partial/full scholarships for my services and courses if needed.
I am not sponsored. This is a heart to heart arrangement between you and me directly.
Also, I can accept FSA/HSA payments. If this is something  you would like, please contact me directly before purchasing.

Never are these courses or platforms a diagnosis or a substitute for other forms of professional care. They can be a wonderful adjunct toward growth and self-care, for whatever led us all here. Please know these communities are supports and we come here as equals, regardless of our training and experience in the world. I am here with many skills, techniques and training to support you and looking forward to what we will explore. 💖~ Birdi
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