Wholeness Arts: (verb) exploring, activating, witnessing, healing, engaging a full-bodied awareness of self, through the many languages we have in our senses and our abilities, some verbal, some not, but they are ours waiting for us to know them better.

Dear Between(noun) the place between then and next, here and there. Now. Sometimes, often, usually uncomfortable and something we try to get through to the next stage, or get back to what was. It is more active there than we realize, but it often feels stuck or spinning.

This is a fluid dialogue and takes different parts of speech. A verb, to do. A noun, as a place a state of being.
Regardless of our circumstances, our past, our present, our future - we mingle our perceptions with our facts and create as we begin new in each moment. Each moment is new. Each now is new.
We begin again and again.
Begin Peace again and again. Be. Be in your Spark.

Be Bold. Be Curious. Be Yourself. Be Connected. Be Kind.

Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair

My over 30 years experience in interfaith sacred dialogue, engagement, activism and wholeness spirituality and healing arts began with my training as a nurse during the early hospice, AIDS, and immigration /racism, matters enveloping us in 1980s, NYC in the beginning of my career. and kept growing
For me, personally, it began .much earlier in my family roots
Grief, Loss, Art, Spirituality, Wholeness, Reclamation, Liberation,
The Between, Hidden Languages, and Love for Another.
 It is my family story and my fascination.

There are keys to healing, curiosity, growth and learning one another there.
I have learned many ways to help us explore these places. Let's do it. .
I am here. I know you are here, and I am glad. However you have come to be here, it is ok. We are here now, together. Let's have some tea, and rest a while.
In that rest, you will know what it is you most need, and I am here with you.
We are truly never alone. . 

We are here together, now. I am a guide and companion in your  goals, experiences, in this moment.  It can be fun, playful, inspired, and deeply meaningful.  Let's do some things together.  

Peace Notes

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Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair



Joy and wholeness is not fleeting, elusive, or conditional on our circumstances or acceptance from others. It is our selves, alive and connected. When we learn to witness and engage in our selves and our world in wonder, a wholeness is there, even in the Between, or the struggles, saying YES. I am here, I have always been here. There is an expression, "Strong back, soft front," meaning we have a strong core, but we are softening, no longer feeling the need to defend ourselves because we are home always. Remember. We are here together.

 "Birdi has a way of explaining things so that I feel lighter, when things were feeling so dense before. I have a new way of approaching my self, my situations." 

 - 1:1 Coaching

 "I have been looking for a more creative way to understand what has been the root of these patterns I have, and Birdi Sinclair had such a different perspective. I'm not the same. It's amazing to me. I'm so grateful." 

- Online Courses

 "I didn't have anything I was working on really. I wanted to shift and meet people who thought more like me and were stimulating and creative. I wanted a different kind of crowd. More caring, less competitive. I found it." 

- Courses and Coaching

 "She's a wizard. She is what she says and more - an artist, a writer, a caring counselor, she sees things like a mystic in ways that I have never heard someone make connections. It's like she sees into our souls and yet she's so relatable and even goofy. Where did she come from and why aren't there more of her!" 

- Spiritual Direction, Classes

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Never are these courses or platforms a diagnosis or a substitute for other forms of professional care. They can be a wonderful adjunct toward growth and self-care, for whatever led us all here. Please know these communities are supports and we come here as equals, regardless of our training and experience in the world. I am here with many skills, techniques and training to support you and looking forward to what we will explore. 💖~ Birdi
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