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 A social worker in a group home gave me 2 books, by Kahlil Gibran and Edgar Cayce, when I was 11. I somehow still have them. I called myself Giddeon then. I don't know what she saw in me, but It brought me to some time in a couple of Thich Nhat Hanh US sanghas, among other places, and forward.

I eventually found myself in NYC in the 1980s, as my identity as a young nurse and paramedic, AIDS, hospice, and interfaith were evolving simultaneously. It seemed natural timing as these paths merged with my sense of self, justice, impermanence, belonging and humanity.

 As a young, new, single mother, becoming a nurse seemed a practical option. I was also ordained early on as an interfaith minister because it spoke to my core beliefs and the humanitarian ideals of spiritual unity, inter-being. Eventually, I became a licensed therapeutic artist and spiritual sociologist, and finally completed my doctorate in exploring sacred dialogue, engagement, and activism through wholeness practices..

 I am a life artist - but I believe we all are. The sacred arts of wholeness is about being present, engaged, in dialogue. I have published, hosted a PBS show for 3 years a lifetime ago, and presented nationally. I am a lifelong intuitive channel for people, animals who are living and passed and medical needs, and spiritual director and counselor, certified master life coach, adhd specialist, end of life doula, and wholeness artist. I have had many rich and wild experiences that all combine to inform what I create to guide you. I could tell you about the 2 year long mollusk course I took or how badly I play a bunch of instruments, but, another time.

Why do I keep learning? Because you keep trusting me with your most vulnerable life challenges. Because I have experienced so much that I wanted to know more. Because I had amazing mentors along the way, and a few crappy ones too. Because if you show up, I'm showing up with you. Because everything changes, whether or not we notice or keep up, so why not wonder?

I have added a short video about the Bardo - the Dear Between we sometimes find ourselves in. Contact me any time. I'd love to hear from you. Connect@birdisinclair.com

 Begin Peace is my sister website, and sums the core of my work. We can begin peace again and again, no matter our condition, circumstances, within and around us.
It is a practice and presence we are.

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I made this for you...

This Mind Body Spirit Check-in is a guide specially crafted for those times we need some guidance and care connecting with our selves, our relationships, our changes, to be on path with our selves.

I made it with the most asked questions in mind so you can use it again and again 

The Hand of Thought

I am here. I know you are here, and I am glad. However you have come to be here, it is good. We are here now, together. Let's have some tea, and rest a while. In that rest, you will know what it is you most need, and I am here with you. We are truly never alone.

Zen teaches what it is to explore opening the hand of thought, into loving awareness, and true connection. How do we open this hand of thought? If we sit next to a rock, the rock will not have a thought. We will have a thought. We are not trying to be lifeless like a rock. We will let go of thoughts and allow an openness without grasping. We think without thinking. The thought comes, and goes, like a cloud or a sound. In this way, the thought is equally you and not you. Try this as a practice, and it will ripple into life in surprising ways, living a life of increased peace, compassion, and kindness. It changes perspective and what happens to you.

When we have a class together, a coaching time, a group, we open the hand of thought. We enter a curious space of newness, allowing our true connection to be. We begin peace.

 I look forward to knowing you as we share our experiences together in these spaces.

There's always time for tea - Birdi Sinclair Beginpeace.com