Begin Now.

Each being beholds infinite worth, equality, and uniqueness. This is unconditionally yours to remember.

I'm here with experience and proven paths, as you rest, heal, engage self-discovery and connection in this next chapter of your life.  

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It Starts Here

A young, new social worker in a group home I was in for a short time, gave me 2 books:
one by Kahlil Gibran and the other by Edgar Cayce.
I was 11.
Somehow, I still have them. I called myself Giddeon then and she addressed me by that name in what she wrote on the inside of the cover. I don't know what she and others saw in me, but she is an example of the odd, caring, illuminating encounters I would have as a young runaway who left home at 9. They helped me understand the sense of inner home I knew was within me, and grew my spiritual family. They comforted and taught me as I held them close within my mind-heart through my travels then and now. They set me on a path of self-knowing, and belonging.

I feel like Mowgli from Kipling's Jungle Book, and also, I think we're all a bit of Mowgli.
We grow up in a Jungle, curious and filled with wonder, and one day we discover the Village of Man. We become disillusioned and try to go back to something familiar, comfortable, pure - even if it wasn't. In realizing we can't go backwards, we notice it is because we are no longer who we were,  
and we can ask, "Who am I now?"

We, like Mowgli, can reconcile home is inside of ourselves...
Then, home is everywhere. This is a type of Liberation, Inner Peace.
We are able to return to this home in any circumstances, joy, confusion, change, despair, and
find rest, guidance, connection.

Unsure? Let me show you as I have been shown.

What step do you need help with?

Clarity, Connection, Discovery, Understanding

 Honoring the intuitive and the grounded together. We will Simplify. Notice. Release should & embrace kindness. Here is freedom, knowing.

Healing, Rest, Getting Unstuck, Next Steps

Lean in. Something within is asking for you. Let's be gentle, curious. You are safe, ready for something different. I will guide you. 

Learning, Focusing, Improving, Expanding

Life Purpose, releasing, making room, living in alignment. We're asking fresh questions to gain fresh perspectives, insights, actions.

Coaching plans, 1:1 sessions for yourself, your relationships - (traditional & non-traditional) online classes, groups, bookclubs, retreats, original art &  supportive products for individuals and industry trainings. 


I eventually found myself in NYC in the 1980s. As a young, new, single mother, becoming a nurse seemed a practical option. My identity as a young nurse, contemplative mystic, and paramedic, were evolving simultaneously with the world's awareness of AIDS, hospice, and interfaith activism. It seemed natural timing as these paths merged with my own sense of self, justice, impermanence, intuition, belonging, and humanity.

So I leaned in. 

I was ordained then as an early adopter of interfaith ministry because it spoke to my core beliefs and the humanitarian ideals of everyone's unique value, equality, inter-being, and free-will. Though my values and my lifelong intuitive strengths found a natural home in hospice nursing, the soulful needs of people left me feeling constrained in this role, and

 back to school I went.

Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace
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Eventually, I became a therapeutic artist and spiritual coach and counselor, focused on grief, death, love, belonging. I learned more about meditation, breath, world-wide spiritual practices, love, nature, science, and finally completed my doctorate in exploring sacred dialogue, engagement, and activism through wholeness practices.
I wanted to help people rewire to their birthright and scientific design to

Live from Love not Fear. 

I began to understand more completely that little girl's innate spiritual knowing, deep intuitive nature and wild drive for a better life, including uncompromising peace and kindness with an attraction to awe, curiosity, beauty, and learning. I am her still.
This is my soul song, my unique


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When we ask ourselves, Who am I now? our actions, inter-actions and inner-actions ripple from this place in a meaningful, engaged clarity. Contrary to the messages we are bombarded with, living from our BEING rather than our DOING or striving, will connect with your true I Am and bring a sense of purpose, focus, clarity - success.  Not I am a doctor, I am a mom...
Those are do and may be very satisfying, but we need to know, ask... What is your - I am- under the do?
What do you stand for? Live from your unique soul song.

Be not do.

What if there was a system you could use to:

live from inner peace:

feel your clear purpose & keep on path:
    No Problem!

connect with self, others, spirituality:

I often hear people wish there were a manual for being human, parenting, relationships, managing illness - on it goes! Contrary to what you might think, there really are plug-and-play formulas for having clarity and peace, attaining these goals. Repeatable and scalable formulas you can return to in many situations all through life's growth. They aren't complicated,
but it can be difficult to cut through the noise.
It's like tuning into your own unique harmonies.

Some places I give presentations, consultations, trainings:

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So, what's the deal?

The mission

Kindness, belonging, self-discovery, empowerment, healing so we can live freely, joyfully, peacefully in a sense of clarity and purpose - especially in life's difficult transitions.

Step one: I've researched and tested everything I offer or create for you. (30 years experience!)
Step two: You get my best strategies.
Step three: You gain lifelong skills for engaging and understanding your own soulful voice and find clarity, get unstuck, experience the transformation and connections that come from healing, purpose, soulful alignment

The details

How do we simplify and quiet the noise of BE this DO That - more or not enough?! Too fast, too slow... It's so overwhelming.

I have strategies, teachings, paths to do exactly this for clarity, self-discovery, and shifting to a life of joy, peace, connection and meaning, even in complex times.

The best part? Most strategies often takes less than 10 minutes to implement. That's why I'm here: to let it be easy. We take time to really understand your unique needs, and engage realistic strategies that make sense to your whole self, not convincing aspects of you or overlooking other parts that need care.

Ripple and Thrive!

Birdi Sinclair Mind Body Spirit Check in Guide

A Little Bonus for You

Enjoy this Reusable Guide I crafted from some of the most asked questions, concerns and needs my clients are interested in tuning up.
This Mind Body Spirit Check-in is an in-depth guide as compared with the Be not Do guide on the home page.  This is the only spot with a live link to get it. Know yourself. Take time. Update.  Enjoy.
From there, you will receive updates, ideas, helpful tips
and guidance once in a while. 

The Hand of Thought

I am here. I know you are here, and I am glad. However you have come to be here, it is good. We are here now, together. Let's have some tea, and rest a while. In that rest, you will know what it is you most need, and I am here with you. We are truly never alone.
Zen teaches what it is to explore opening the hand of thought, an engaged practice of loving awareness, and true connection.

How do we open this hand of thought? If we sit next to a rock, the rock will not have a thought. We will have a thought. We are reminded by the rock that we are not trying to be lifeless, hard like a rock. We will let go of thoughts that we hold tightly as if they are lifeless, and allow an openness without grasping. We allow ourselves to think without thinking. The thought comes, and goes, like a cloud or a sound. In this way, the thought is equally you and not you. We notice. We can be opened and learn from this noticing. We have choice in this awareness. We have connection to the cycles of our mind like the cycles of nature.
We become full of life, less stagnant and tight, less hardened, when we open this hand of thought.

Try this as a practice, and it will ripple in surprising ways, living a life of increased peace, compassion, and kindness. It allows perspective to shift and as you encounter challenges in the day, you feel more able to summons a response than pop off reactions or live protectively.
We begin to realize that stillness is not inactive, it is filled with choice, calming. Instead of doing, which is grasping and holding thought tightly, it is opening the hand of thought, allowing cycles, inventiveness, and curiosity to breathe. Right now, hold your hand tightly, feeling and sensing what this is like in comparison to your thoughts and mind at times,  and now release your hand so it is open with your fingers spread and your hand more relaxed. Notice, sense how your body, thoughts, and mind parallel this sensation.
Keep this exercise as an anchor to return to anytime it is useful to you
and in a moment, you will find a shift that you can follow if you choose.

When we have a class together, a coaching time, a group, we open the hand of thought. 
We enter a curious space of newness, allowing  curiosity and presence. 
We learn or remember and practice what it means to Be not Do. We begin peace. 
I look forward to knowing you as we share our experiences together in these spaces.

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