Hi, I'm Dr. Birdi Sinclair

Untangling Crossroads,
Defining Purpose, Healing Loss
Through Spiritual Guidance & Wholeness Arts

Overwhelm is big. It can feel very tangled, hard to sort out.
It's like our soul itself is in knots.
Together, we unravel the confusion, quiet the noise, and
reveal your soulful voice.
Live unstuck, clear, restored, freed. 

Meraki: A little soul, a little passion in everything we do.
Mine, yours, life itself.  

Ready for Something Different?

I'm ready to help.

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Sessions, Coaching

Intuitive and Grounded Practices with Clear Methods to hone in on your unique needs. Focused, Personalized

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Courses, Groups

Guided or structured experiences for self-discovery, healing, community, expansion, and comfort. 

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Speaking, Trainings

Educational, interactive, and filled with practical information that your group implements immediately.

When we are immersed in changes and loss,
we can feel stuck.
To elevate your self-trust increases your
understanding, connection, and clarity.
We move from making decisions from Fear or Anxiety to
making decisions from Love or Curiosity.

We can move through the noise and pressures we feel.
Let it be easy.
Embracing the inner calm amidst chaos and stress is key. It may seem out of reach, but you are ready. That's why you're here. There are times we know we need a little support to unlock what our inner spirit is asking for.

Every day, my focus remains on transmuting the pain and doubts we carry, replacing it with compassion and attainable paths for inner serenity. These practices are part of our biology to mend, uplift, and catalyze progress towards a meaningful, harmonious existence.

I embrace science, spirituality, psychology, the arts in combinations
that actually heal, inspire, and create breakthroughs
for a more purpose led, connected life.

I have been at this for over 30 years!

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 Using proven strategies in science, spirituality, and positive psychology, mixed with my decades of experiences,
we reclaim our ability to make decisions from our wider view of peace and wholeness,
not the narrow view of anxiety or survival mode.

Begin Peace Now. Each now is new. We can begin again, and again.


Are you ready to feel calmer,
more confident in your decisions, release struggles,
and live in line with your sense of purpose?

Whether you're leaning into a new time of life, understanding your changing roles, healing from a loss or within a larger organization that is seeking compassionate change, your inner peace is central to how you ripple, connect, and thrive in the world.

Together we focus to ensure your life authentically reflects who you are, 
that it is working for you, not against you.

"Be not Do"

What? Check it out... 

A SIMPLE Guide to live mindfully, grow your inner peace and ripple joy through your life. 

What is the Wind Telling You - Birdi Sinclair

Dr. Birdi Sinclair is a sought after Inner Peace, Transformation, Wholeness and Grief Specialist.
She is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Wholeness Artist, Soulful Intuitive and Death Literacy Coach, as well as a former hospice nurse, EOL Doula, and terrible clarinetist. The red thread in all her work is sacred dialogue, engagement, and activism through wholeness. She is certified in many areas such as mediation, meditation, NVC, breath work. Non-violent communications, LGBTQA+ rights and spirituality, and death literacy are among the topics she speaks on. She specializes in Reconciling Life and Loss, Opening perspective with curiosity, depth, joy, compassion so we can be engaged as we and life changes.
She Speaks, Teaches, and Coaches individuals, service industry leaders, and HR teams.

Working with Birdi

You know how life can give us strong upheavals like a diagnosis, a death, a separation or some big life change, and sometimes we're looking for next steps, for support and connection, but we feel like we're treading in deep water? We lose track of our focus, unsure which way to go, it’s hard to catch our breath.  

Well, what I do is disrupt patterns and unhelpful messaging, widen perspective, invite healing, and restore feeling whole, safe, and connected in taking those next important steps as I support those going through challenges, as well as caretakers and leaders wanting to support others well. We also establish grounded, holistic pathways to self-knowing, soulful voice, inner-trust...

...so they can get a breath of fresh air and gain a lasting, reproducible sense of truth, value, peace and purpose.  
So no one feels alone, because we are not alone even though it may feel so big that we feel exactly that way sometimes.

In fact, I have been at this over 30 years and have a Doctorate in compassion-based service. Even though the topics may be deep, we still can approach them in a fun way that is meaningful, kind, interesting. We get off the struggle bus, and walk easily with our selves, our relationships, our decisions, our losses, our life.

l’ve had the privilege of sharing this work in places like Yale University, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, non-profits, and some top-tier hospital staff at a number of teaching hospitals.

Live Your Full Breath, Peacefully Alive. If not now, When? 

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Be bold. Be curious. Be yourself. Be connected.
Be...Be your truth.
Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair

Please know, I offer a sliding scale and a few partial/full scholarships for my services and courses if needed.
I am not sponsored. This is a heart to heart arrangement between you and me directly.
Also, I can accept FSA/HSA payments. If this is something  you would like, please contact me directly before purchasing.

Never are these courses or platforms a diagnosis or a substitute for other forms of professional care. They can be a wonderful adjunct toward growth and self-care, for whatever led us all here. Please know these communities are supports and we come here as equals, regardless of our training and experience in the world. I am here with many skills, techniques and training to support you and looking forward to what we will explore. 💖~ Birdi
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