begin now. each now is new.

Unsure? Let me show you.
xo, Birdi Sinclair

we can be with our selves, each other gently
from here, the field, the sky opens
we have been witnessed, we have rest. we are renewed.
we are reminded. we embody choice.
here. we begin.
peace begins

Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace - Mind Body Spirit Guide Tune In

I made this for you...

This Mind Body Spirit Tune In is a pivotal guide specially crafted for times we need some guidance and shifts connecting with our selves, our relationships, our changes, to be on path with our selves.

It's an alchemy of my expertise, science and spiritual studies, synthesized to simplify a complex time.
Have a date with yourself. Tune In, Tune Up!

I made it with the most asked questions in mind so you can use it again and again 

Hi there!

I'm Birdi Sinclair

 I guide relationships... with one self, with others, with our world.  

If you've landed here, you are probably seeking a way home
to your Self, your Truth, your Path and deeper Connections.  

Come on in. The kettle is on. We'll have tea and begin.
Everything you need is inside...inside your self, 
and we'll explore it together 
inside our community of coaching, classes and more...  

Meraki: A little soul, a little passion in everything we do. Mine, yours, life itself.  

Let me teach you some skills your therapist isn't

Many clients come to me to understand and shift what brings them unhappiness, with trouble deciding which path they should take, difficulty healing from a loss or change, or creating change within their relationships.
Many times it is because they are missing some important, learnable skills.
We sometimes believe we are broken, wounded by our life experiences, or too weighed down by our circumstances.

What if we can simplify some of this? Without dismissing the pain that life brings,
what if the difficulties we have can be cared for with curiosity? A Knowing there is another way to engage with this pain, with life, with our Selves? Another way we may have never learned?
As long as there have been beings, there has been hardship, loss, challenges, questions.
Why do some of us seem to manage differently than others?
They may have learned some strategies of Wholeness along the way.

Without enough of these skills, which are not difficult, they are more like a lost art, or missing ingredients -
 anyone may feel unsure, lacking confidence, have lingering wounds, and trouble communicating,
may feel alone and in patterns.

With these skills we feel more connected, steady, more clear in mind body and spirit in all aspects of our lives, feel a self-trust and resiliency even in challenging times... and our lives have a richer flavor, magical tune.

Let me Show you...

What is Therapeutic Coaching?

Let's mix the Why with the How...

  • Signature techniques to identify skills and a personalized path
  • Clarity and Focus each session
  • Your path home to your self. Not talking about the past, or ruminating. Actioning. Engaging.
  • There are Skills of Living in Wholeness we can learn, unlearn, or may need a tune up: Personal Needs, Relationships, Life Goals
  • Economical: time, money, results, with more satisfaction and even joy along the way than years of therapy that may be helpful and also feel redundant 

Sessions, Groups, Classes: Designed to Connect You with You and You with More

What will we explore?

 Being: our Self

  • Identity
  • spirituality
  • purpose

Being = AM

Intra-Being: our Relations

  • loves
  • family bonds
  • vocations

Intra = within

Inter-Being: our Worlds

  • social
  • environmental
  • be-longings

Inter = between

Choose Our Adventure

There are many ways to get to arrive at the same goal. You know you best. I know I can meet you where you are. Let's find out together. 

Coaching Sessions / Intuitive /Readings

1:1, relationships, plans - FSA/HSA eligible for some services

Classes, Groups

online: live or self-paced classes, support groups, book and movie clubs, online - live retreats

Supportive, Original Products

Art, Breath Dice™ Family of Courses, Books, More

What is the Wind Telling You - Birdi Sinclair

 Let's do some things together, and have some tea. There is always time for tea and there is always time for peace. We can begin peace in each moment, because each moment is new.

Come as you are! Pfft, as if there's any other way... HA! Nice to meet you. See you inside! Ama la vita d'altro,

About Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair

I had a pretty unconventional childhood. As I entered early adulthood and came into those decisions we all have to make, so it felt a little like I was Mowgli, remember him from Kipling's Jungle Book? Leaving my beloved Jungle for the curious allure of the Village of Man. I was really young, studying to be a nurse, on my own with a tiny baby who choose me for his mom. Crazy pants. It was mid 1980s, NYC. A rough time, not unlike now. AIDS, international conflicts, and also the beginnings of Interfaith spirituality and hospice. 

I am glad for the many mentors along the way who guided me to hear my soul and learn how to choose, grow in my path. They live in me.
Because of them, I am here with you.

Through my decades of training and experiences, I am a guide and companion in your goals, changes, discoveries. It can be fun, playful, inspired, AND deeply meaningful. 

I have been looking for a more creative way to understand what has been the root of these patterns I have, and Birdi Sinclair had such a different perspective. I'm not the same. It's amazing to me. I'm so grateful.


online courses

I didn't have anything I was working on really. I wanted to shift and meet people who thought more like me and were stimulating and creative. I wanted a different kind of crowd. More caring, less competitive. I found it.


Courses & Coaching

She's a wizard. She is what she says and more - an artist, a writer, a caring counselor, she sees things like a mystic in ways that I have never heard someone make connections. It's like she sees into our souls and yet she's so relatable and even goofy. Where did she come from and why aren't there more of her


spiritual direction, online classes

Birdi has a way of explaining things so that I feel lighter, when things were feeling so dense before. She is grounded and light-hearted at the same time and also knows how to be quiet, giving me room to be who and what I need to be. I think and feel for myself, not her way, but she led me to my way. I have a new way of approaching my self, my situations.


Courses & Coaching


What is community... 

Joy and wholeness are not fleeting, elusive, or conditional on our circumstances or acceptance from others. It is our selves, alive and connected.

When we learn to witness and engage in our selves and our world in wonder, a wholeness is there, even in the Between which is the menu of deep struggles we all experience in our own ways as we navigate the strange space from the familiar to the possible.

Something within keeps us going. What is this? We lean in, saying YES. I am here, I have always been here. There is an expression, "Strong back, soft front," meaning we have a strong core, but we are softening, no longer feeling the need to defend ourselves because we find, we are home always.

Remember. We are here together, experiencing Betweens. Community of understanding.
Creating Ripples. What will they be? We decide.

Please feel free to explore. My hope is to support you.
Contact me with your ideas and questions.
There is often a sliding scale, a full or partial scholarship for anything I offer. The Support Page will connect us. We can sort most anything. Ripples, right? xo

Rev Dr Birdi Sinclair

Be Bold. Be Curious. Be Yourself. Be Connected. Be Kind. Be. Be Your Truth.

Please know, I offer a sliding scale or partial/full scholarships for my services and coursesif needed.
Also, I can accept FSA/HSA payments. If this is something  you would like, please contact me directly before purchasing.

Never are these courses or platforms a diagnosis or a substitute for other forms of professional care. They can be a wonderful adjunct toward growth and self-care, for whatever led us all here. Please know these communities are supports and we come here as equals, regardless of our training and experience in the world. I am here with many skills, techniques and training to support you and looking forward to what we will explore. 💖~ Birdi
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