Birdi Sinclair

Individual Sessions and Coaching

Begin Peace now. Each now is new.

Let's engage your sacred voice
to live your life with clarity,
satisfaction, purpose.

We all have a longing, a place that questions, gets absorbed in our worries, our wounds and losses. We also have a place of belonging, connection, and inner-wisdom.  
Let's get those places talking.
Let's befriend your wholeness, your soulful voice that knows the way. 

1:1 Sessions, Readings, and Groups

We meet for an hour or so. We clarify, heal, explore many areas of life, like: relationships, spirituality, goals, health, purpose, loved ones. Each session is complete. Whatever we begin has a sense of closure through a deeper understanding, clarity, next steps, or a combination. For some needs, one meeting is enough to give you a path forward. 

bluebell flower

What's the difference?
We see these terms often now. 

Spiritual Guide/Spiritual Teacher

An blend of spiritual and intuitive skills to meet your most relevant needs for self-discovery, guidance, support, healing, care, counsel, strategies. This can be in areas of grief or loss healing, health, spiritual exploration, clarity, relationships, career, or guidance when things feel like they need a tune-in/tune-up. 

Spiritual Life Coach

Together we create a strategy with attainable goals, skill development, and checkpoints based on your needs and my processes, which include a foundation of your spiritual values, whatever they may be. This can be in personal development, relationships, parenting, or career.

Spiritual Director

Companionship and reflection for times of depletion or exploration and restoration of your spiritual path. This is not centered around goals so much as discovery, home-coming, wonder in the company of a skilled confidante and companion. 

You don't have to choose.
It sorts itself as we meet.

Coaching Plans

~ Wholeness Arts Coaching
~ Transformational Relationship Coaching
~ Transition, Healing Loss, & Next Steps
~ Spiritual Direction
~ Ceremony/Ritual Design
~ End of Life Doula Services

These are 6 current plans. Let's have a complementary conversation to set a plan for the best path before we commit to a full package.
Easy Peasy. Schedule a brief call below, or email me your thoughts to get started.

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field of sunflowers at sunset

Be happy

This is the goal! To live, create, and share a life of happiness. Be not Do. As we make the shift from doing to being and really knowing what that means to us, we find we are enough and it ripples into a blooming life of purpose, clarity, and meaning... within your self, your relationships, your decisions and actions. THIS is what we will do.

Let's meet and anchor peace in your life.

Feel, Sense, Imagine Living from your core of Peace.
No matter what.
How would you be different? How would things shift?
Reconnect. Ripple. Thrive.
Let me show you. 

Here's the
Hokey Pokey: 

  • All services are online.
  • Prices vary on plans based on inclusions. Sessions are $150/hr. See * below
  • Individual sessions include you and me, you and your relationship partners, or a small group as a 1 time meeting.
  • Plans include a set number of sessions focussed on a topic, goal, or theme.
  • A link will be provided for our meeting sent by email and here in your portal.
  • Any extra materials will be easy access here to store or download anytime you want them

Be Bold. Be Curious. Be Yourself. Be Connected. Be Kind.
Be Your Truth.

* Please know, I offer a sliding scale for my services if needed. I can accept FSA/HSA payments.
Get in touch with me directly before purchase if this is you.
These services are supportive, guiding, inspiring and are in great partnership rather than a replacement for other types of care that may be appropriate for your needs, legal, medical, financial, etc.
Please always be mindful of your big picture and care for yourself well. There is always a way. 


"Where do I even begin?! I’ve known Birdi since for about 10 years now. It first started when a group of family members and I went to communicate with our loved ones that had passed. All of us were nervous and apprehensive as not all of us believed in such a thing. Let me tell you, at the end of that we were ALL believers, in tears, and overwhelmed with an immense amount of gratitude for Birdi and all that she was able to give us that day. Since then, I’ve stayed in contact and met with her countless times. She’s helped me maneuver through some really challenging life changes, heart break, marriage, and most recently some really hard things as I just became a first time mom 5 months ago. Each and every single time, I leave feeling calmer, reassured and knowing what my next steps are going to be. She helps keep me grounded and the bonus to this?! She’s incredibly easy to talk to. She just gets you. You don’t have to explain yourself or start from the beginning, she knows exactly what you need and how to get you there. I truly do adore this woman and everything she has done and continues to do for me! 
HIGHLY recommend!!"  Amanda Rogers
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