Let's meet, you and me.

Sometimes we need time, space.
~ Time: to sort, heal, connect, discover, grow, shift, break open and rebuild.
~ Space: to be witnessed, imagine, breathe, be surprised, simplify, clarify.

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What will we do? Why will we meet? How can I help?
Who would you be if?

I am here to guide, care for, and explore with you through the Between of life's changes, losses, and beauty to clarity, resolution, and discovery.

Who are you here to be?
Who and What supports you in being you?

We face ourselves in 3 categories: Being, Intra-being, Inter-being.

our relationship with our self

our relationship with our closer others

our relationship with the greater world

We can ask in and of these 3 categories: 

How are we experiencing Challenge and Disruption? Connection and belonging?
Flow and Harmony?

This is where I come in...

We can meet, you and me, in
 Sessions, Readings, Coaching Plans, Groups

Being (our self): as you challenge patterns, explore the rims of change and choices, untangle a ball of pain, learn new ways of being with and for your Self while also being connected to others and your life.
Intra-being (our relations): or in your relationships when it needs a tune up, and new communication guidance, reconnection and understanding, even when facing separation.
Inter-being (our world): and in times of loss, change, grief, when if feels never-ending and you are needing help, a sense of closure, connection, belonging, movement.,

Sessions and Groups are transformational in clarifying our changes, anxieties, disconnects.

Groups are small, intimate, and guided.

I host them periodically around a theme.
Some past groups have been: Pet Loss and Grief, Relationship Growth and Healing, Adult ADHD and Relationships, Embracing an Empathic Life, Navigating & Expressing LGBTQA+ Spirituality, Movie Club.
Together we are more and explore the inner wisdom we have each acquired in our shared journey. 

Individual Sessions or Readings Birdi Sinclair

Individual, Relationship Sessions:

We can meet for an hour or so.  We can clarify, heal, understand many areas of life, like relationships, spirituality, goals, health, loved ones. 


Coaching Plans:

Wholeness Arts Coaching, Transformational Relationship Coaching: Healing & Communication, Transition, Goals Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Ceremony/Ritual Design are 5 current options 

Groups Birdi Sinclair


Groups are guided. They run for a time, maybe 4 -12 weeks, depending on the topic. It can be fun, like a movie/book club, supportive like Grief, Empathic Self-care... Check it out for what's happening. Some Free, some  for a Fee. 

Be Bold. Be Curious. Be Yourself. Be Connected. Be Kind. Be. Be Your Truth.

Please know, I offer a sliding scale for my services if needed. I can accept FSA/HSA payments.
These services are supportive, guiding, inspiring and not a replacement for other types of care that may be appropriate for your needs, legal, medical, financial, etc.
Please always be mindful of your big picture and care for yourself well. There is always a way. 


"Where do I even begin?! I’ve known Birdi since for about 10 years now. It first started when a group of family members and I went to communicate with our loved ones that had passed. All of us were nervous and apprehensive as not all of us believed in such a thing. Let me tell you, at the end of that we were ALL believers, in tears, and overwhelmed with an immense amount of gratitude for Birdi and all that she was able to give us that day. Since then, I’ve stayed in contact and met with her countless times. She’s helped me maneuver through some really challenging life changes, heart break, marriage, and most recently some really hard things as I just became a first time mom 5 months ago. Each and every single time, I leave feeling calmer, reassured and knowing what my next steps are going to be. She helps keep me grounded and the bonus to this?! She’s incredibly easy to talk to. She just gets you. You don’t have to explain yourself or start from the beginning, she knows exactly what you need and how to get you there. I truly do adore this woman and everything she has done and continues to do for me! 
HIGHLY recommend!!"  Amanda Rogers

As an Ordained Interfaith Spiritual Sociologist, Therapeutic Artist, Master Coach, and Engaged Mystic, with over 30 years experience supporting transitions, healing and growth, I am prepared to meet you where you are and guide you on your path as you move through this time. Clarity, calm is simpler, clearer, closer than you may believe.
Let's begin where you are. There's no where else but here, now.