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This is where it all begins. Here is where our current courses are as I create them so you can see what is available for us, and what is coming up.  Click around, explore. Feel your way.
I'm busy filming and creating pdfs and workbooks and examples, oh my!
Any questions? Contact me. I'm here.

about our platform

Easy to track progress and course platforms. Videos, and files are easy to view on any device. Comment and images load quickly to keep in touch as you can in your own timing.  

Many ways to share our ideas and our insights with each other, whether in a live group call, or in a class that we have pre-recorded. We have plenty of ways to be independent or connected. 


You are in the lead. Everything is easy for you to log in, find what you need and get to our material. I'll have lists of what's needed ready right away. No unfun surprises. 

Sometimes we want it, sometimes we don't. Your choice, your readiness. I am always available by email and also to schedule a private meeting with. You know what you need.