10 Minutes, and

A gift of time, wonder, healing, connection. “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?”

Course Summary

Hello! Welcome to 10 Minutes, And! Combining Science, Spirituality, Nature, we will have an accessible practice in a few minutes a day that will increase calm, focus, and a deeper connection in many areas of life that you may be wanting this. This is a course created from so much love, from years of sessions and teaching which led to exactly the ideas and techniques I am sharing with you here. It is online, easy to follow along. It is an intimate commitment and practice, that I know is very rewarding, full of surprises, even though it seems so simple, and I am accessible to you all the way.

Course Pricing

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10 Minutes, And

$27 USD

  • A guided online class to increase calm, presence, and connection, through a few minutes a day, about as long as a smoke break.

    • Guided, supported steps in creating a practice and inner dialogue
    • What is it to release, connect, be present in a few moments, then integrate
    • Exploring the ease and difficulty of presence
    • Memorable practice connecting the Mental, Physical, Spiritual bodies
    • Applications, techniques, of belonging to ourselves and the world.
    • Demystifying time and giving it back to ourselves, the gift of release.
    • Old Spiritual ways + New Science combines with Nature and You

Course Curriculum